how to get ndt level 3 certification

How to get ndt level 3 certification?

Getting as ASNT NDT Level III Examination is a crucial and important step in an NDT Professional life. It was mine dream to once and initially I was confused to find the right path and procedure to apply for it.

Nevertheless, I am sharing here step by step guide for you to gain the NDT Level 3 Certificate from prestigious organization like ASNT.

The most important part to get the ASNT Level 3 is to pass the ASNT LEVEL III BASIC EXAM.

Its the most difficult part as it involves lot of study materials.

What is ASNT NDT Level III Certification?

The ASNT NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Level III Certification is the highest level of professional certification offered by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).

What is pre-requisite to get the Level 3 certificate?

To obtain an ASNT NDT Level III certification, candidates must pass both the NDT Basic and a Method examination.

Note that the candidate is allowed a maximum of three attempts at the Basic examination or any Method examination within a two-year period. To summarize this as:

  • If a candidate fails the initial Basic or Method examination, they must wait 30 days before being allowed to retake the examination.
  • If a candidate fails the Basic or Method examination a second time, they must wait 90 days before being allowed to retake the examination.
  • If a candidate fails the Basic or Method examination a third time, they must wait one year before being allowed to reapply as a new candidate. In no case can an individual take the examination more than three times within a two-year period.

First pass the Level III Basic Exam —— >>> appear for Method Exam (e.g., PT, MT)—– >>>> Pass both exams —->> Get your ASNT Level III Certificate.

How to pass the ASNT Level III Basic Exam easily?

If you are looking the sure shot way to clear your ASNT Level III Basic Examination, you can have a look on our special course designed for ASNT Level III Basic exam. This course covers more than 2500+ exam questions, divided chapter wise for your easy practice.

Also, you will have access to 20+ Free mock exams which simulate actual exam difficulty level and exam structure. So, once you feel confident with the mock exam, you can book your actual exam.